1. The school forbids strictly all private tuitions from its school teachers. A student should be able to progress in his/her work as a result of good teaching in the school. Hence, a student who is found guilty of getting private tuition from his/her own school teacher shall be dismissed from the school immediately.
  2. Teachers too are strictly forbidden to undertake private tuition for their own class-students or other students of the school where they are employed. It is a violation of the code of service. If a teacher is found guilty of this, he/she may incur suspension or dismissal from the school.


  1. The school library is open to all bona-fide students during school hours.All classes will be provided with Library periods in the timetable. Utmost care is to be exercised by students while using library books.
  2. Students are responsible for the safe upkeep of the books. Any damage caused to the books inside or outside the library will be liable for penal fines.
  3. Strict silence must be observed by all in and outside the library. Parents are expected to encourage their wards to attain a habit of good reading.


  1. The Association of Catholic Andaman & Nicobar Islands has provided the school with two hostels for Boys and Girls separately. The inmates are students who hail from far & distant inter-islands, from Diglipur in the North to Campbell Bay, Great Nicobar in the South in order to pursue their academic studies. Both the hostels have the capacity to accommodate 150 students. The hostels are provided with beds and study desk, offering students a clean, comfortable and homely environment.


  1. Vacations are given in the school calendar. These holidays may not be extended or anticipated. Unauthorized absence on the last working day before the vacation and delays in returning to the school after vacation will mean “readmission” to the school.
  2. In view of the required number of working days as prescribed by the CBSE, unscheduled holidays will be made up with classes on restricted holidays and second Saturdays.