1. Admissions are taken directly f or UKG (KG-II) and Class –I. Admission of new students to the various classes shall be made after the declaration of Annual Examination Result. The date of the issue of Admission Forms and the Admission date shall be notified on the School Notice Board.
  2. Every Candidate for admission and withdrawal must be introduced by a letter or person who will be responsible before the Principal for him / her.
  3. Students seeking admission for the institution Fresh from home or from another school shall have to produce a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. This should be endorsed / countersigned by the District Education Officer of the District in which the School is located. The endorsement should specifically indicate whether or not it is a Recognized Institution. The application for admission should be made in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the School Office and the information must be filled in with utmost accuracy. No subsequent change will be permitted.
  4. The date of birth as furnished in the Record Sheet or Transfer Certificate will be taken as correct in the case of newly admitted pupil. The correct date of birth should be furnished in the application for admission and necessary documentary evidence (Birth Certificate) must also be furnished along with declaration of birth by the parents. The Catholic students shall have to submit their Baptism Certificate.
  5. No changes in the date of birth will be made without an affidavit of a new birth certificate.
  6. The Admission Application Form must be signed by one of the parents or int heir absence by guardian who have been authorized in writing by the parents to do so.
  7. New candidates must be introduced personally to the Principal/Manager by the one who will be responsible for his/her conduct and fees. They will be examined based on the syllabus of the class immediately below to which they seek admission.