1. The school primarily aims at the education of the Christian Community and the preservation of the Christian Ethos, Catholic faith, culture and religious practices. It admits also other children irrespective of religion; race or language in so far as is consistent with Catholic principles.
  2. The school aims at imparting sound value based education by forming in the students habits of piety, virtue,  discipline and self-reliance during the years of their studies in the school, and helping them to be responsible human person and worthy citizens of India.
  3. Being a Christian (Catholic) Institution, the classes of Christian Doctrine (Catechism) are compulsory for  Christian (Catholic) Students. For all the other students classes of Moral Science/Value Education are compulsory, which deal with moral principles, values and rules of conduct. Every student must strive to attain qualities of mind and heart and generosity, love for nature, self reliance and love for our Nation, India.
  4. The school focuses to develop those fundamental virtues of intellect, such as concentration, accuracy, clearness of thought, thoroughness, essential moral qualities of reverence of God, a sense of responsibility, co-operation and generosity summed up in the word – “CHARACTER”. The students are formed into persons of character, compassion and dedication who will foster uprightness in public life.
  5. It stands for academic excellence based on the love of God and the service to humankind as modeled on the Person of Jesus Christ